Who is Freya

The name "FREYA", comes from Nordic mythology, the Goddess of the air, who "protects" us from infection, a little warrior always with us. AGA's goal is to create a reusable mask, light, versatile and effective but above all Made in Italy.

It protects nose and mouth, it is equipped with replaceable filters and adjustable elastics.

It is designed to be used in domestic and work environments and protects from wind, dust, drops, particles, mucus and saliva. Made of soft and ergonomic Medical Polyurethane, it adapts easily to the face and thanks to the special replaceable filters it improves breathing.
It is equipped with a seal that sticks to the mask by an adhesive to avoid direct contact of the mask on the skin and to guarantee good grip and tightness to the face for a good comfort in daily use. To reuse, simply clean with a cloth soaked in disinfectant. It is also necessary to replace the filter approximately every eight hours of use.

  • The mask is not provided with the CE conformity marking.
  • It is a hygienic protective facemask intended for general prevention
  • It is not an Individual Protection Device.
  • It is not a medical device.
  • It is not a surgical mask.
  • It is not a toy
  • It’s important to follow all the anti-spread rules currently in use, including the safety distance between persons.
  • The use by children for play activities is prohibited.
  • The replacement, the non-contamination of the filter, the cleaning of the mask is responsibility of the user.

The Product complies to regulation 2001/95 /CE on general safety of products

Registered Community Design EUIPO No 007848825-0001 and No 007848825-0002.

Industrial invention patent deposited No 102020000010714.

(a) The foam fulfils the requirements for skin irritation, sensitivity and cytotoxicity. It does not irritate the skin. Tests performed according to the international standard ISO 10993-5 for the biological evaluation of medical devices - Cytotoxicity tests: in vitro methods (1992).

(b) Plastic material for medical use which fulfils the requirements for skin irritation, sensitivity and cytotoxicity. The composition of the plastic material complies to FDA Regulation 21 CFR 177.2600 "Rubber Articles Intended for Repeated Use". The plastic used is produced according to the requirements of (CE) n. 2023/2006 of 22 December 2006.



  • the mask is made of plastic and is reusable and washable;
  • the mask is sterilizable;
  • the mask is hygienic;
  • the filters are replaceable;
  • the mask is ergonomic and comfortable;
  • the mask is easy to wear;
  • the mask is adjustable;
  • low management costs.

Cleaning and maintenance:

After use, it is necessary to sanitize the product in all its parts. For cleaning/sanitizing the Product we recommend the following steps:

  1. Remove the mask worn on the face using the elastic bands and trying to avoid touching it on the inside.
  2. Wash your hands, wear a pair of disposable gloves or sanitize your hands with a 75-85% hydroalcoholic solution or other suitable disinfectant.
  3. Place the mask on a previously cleaned/sanitized surface with water and soap or hydroalcoholic solution or other suitable disinfectant, with the external part of FREYA facing upwards.
  4. Spray evenly the 70% hydroalcoholic solution over the entire surface including the elastic bands. Do not exceed in the wetting. It is sufficient that a uniform layer is sprayed over the entire surface.
  5. Turn the mask and repeat the operation.
  6. In a protected place wait until the solution has completely evaporated (at least 30 minutes, the drying time may vary according to the environmental conditions).
  7. After drying, the mask is sanitized.
  8. Avoid contaminating it especially on the inside.

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